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Nudgee Beach - Brisbane's only dog friendly beach

Unless you are prepared to travel to the Sunshine Coast or the Gold Coast, there aren't too many options when it comes to dog friendly beaches in Brisbane.

Nudgee Beach which has two main area's that are dog friendly. The area around Nudgee Beach is effectively a wetlands and therefore isnt one of Australia's stereotyped pristine beaches, however it is a great area for the dogs to be let off leash.

Access to the Beach can be via Tuckeroo Park which is accessed along Nudgee Road. The Park overlooks Kedron brook and has a fenced off leash exercise area along the foreshore. It was also possible to walk the dogs (on leash) along the foreshore.

The main "Nudgee Beach Reserve" is accessed along Fortitude Street. It was quite clear upon arriving that this was the main place people visit and let the dogs 'run a muck' off-leash.

After a short walk through the swampy land you reach the vast beach front where you can walk, run and paddle. This place was dog heaven.

The great thing about the reserve were the facilities on the foreshore. There were plenty of places to have a picnic or a BBQ without encroaching on other people's space or territory.

To summarise, I'd recommend a visit here BUT if you haven't been here before, don't expect it to be a pristine beach.


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