• fazz1982

Simpson Falls, Mr Coot-Tha Forest - Brisbane

Mount Coot-Tha forest is actually a conservation reserve which is around 1500 hectares of eucalyptus forest. There are 9 picnic areas, which all have access to various walking tracks, BBQ and picnic facilities. We decided to explore two tracks "JC Slaughter Falls" and "Simpson Falls".

JC Slaughter Falls was quite an easy track to the lookout point. The path continues on to the summit overlooking the city (apparently) although we didn't continue and opted to check out Simpson Falls

Simpson Falls got the vote. The track itself to the falls was about 20-30 mins and it meandered through thicker bush and posed more of a challenging hike compared to JC Slaughter Falls. The last section to the top was somewhat steeper and rocky and coming back down certainly proved more of a challenge, especially wearing flip flops :)


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